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Why the flu shot cannot give you the flu (and why you should get one now)

Flu vaccination prevents thousands and thousands of flu-related sicknesses and deaths yearly, however vaccination rates are low for a lot of causes.

During the 2018-2019 flu season, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that about 45% of U.S. adults acquired the flu vaccine. While this is a rise of 8% from 2017-2018, it falls method beneath the nationwide goal of 70% of American adults receiving a flu shot.

One of the common myths that leads folks to keep away from the flu shot is that they suppose the shot will give them the flu. But that’s merely not true. The virus within the vaccine will not be energetic, and an inactive virus can’t transmit illness. What is true is that you could be really feel the results of your physique mounting an immune response, however that doesn’t imply you have got the flu.

I’m a nursing professor with experience in public health promotion, and I hear this and different myths typically. Here are the information and the reasons behind them.

Inactive virus

Why the flu shot cannot give you the flu (and why you should get one now)
Kilian Daugherty, 1, being ready for a chest X-ray in Thomaston, Ga., Feb. 9, 2019, due to flu signs. David Goldman/AP Photo

Influenza, or the flu, is a standard however severe infectious respiratory illness that may end up in hospitalization and even demise. The CDC estimates that in a “good” flu season, roughly 8% of the U.S. population could get the flu. That is roughly 26 million folks.

Each 12 months the flu season is totally different, and the flu virus additionally impacts folks otherwise. One harmful complication of the flu is pneumonia, which may outcome when your physique is working exhausting to struggle the flu. This is especially harmful in older adults, younger youngsters, and people whose immune techniques aren’t working effectively, corresponding to these receiving chemotherapy or transplant recipients.

Historically thousands and thousands of Americans get the flu annually, lots of of 1000’s are hospitalized and tens of 1000’s of individuals die from flu-related problems. During the 1918 flu pandemic, one-third of the world’s inhabitants, or about 500 million folks, had been contaminated with the flu. Since that point, vaccine science has dramatically modified the influence of infectious illnesses.

The cornerstone of flu prevention is vaccination. The CDC recommends that everybody 6 months of age and older who doesn’t have contraindications to the vaccine, obtain the flu shot.

And simply because the polio vaccine gained’t give a toddler polio, the flu vaccine is not going to trigger the flu. That’s as a result of the flu vaccine is made with inactive strains of the flu virus, which aren’t able to inflicting the flu.

That stated, some folks could really feel sick after they obtain the flu shot which may result in considering they bought sick from the shot.

However, feeling beneath the climate after a flu shot is definitely a optimistic. It generally is a signal that your physique’s immune response is working. What occurs is that this: When you obtain the flu shot, your physique acknowledges the inactive flu virus as a international invader. This will not be harmful; it causes your immune system to develop antibodies to assault the flu virus when uncovered sooner or later. This pure immune response could trigger some folks to develop a low-grade fever, headache or total muscle aches. These uncomfortable side effects may be mistaken for the flu however in actuality are possible the physique’s regular response to vaccination.

And the excellent news is these pure signs are short-term uncomfortable side effects in comparison with the flu, which may final for much longer and is extra extreme. It is estimated that less than 2% of people that get a flu shot will develop a fever.

Also, folks typically confuse being sick with a nasty chilly or abdomen flu with having influenza. Influenza signs can embody a fever, chills, sore throat, runny or stuffy nostril, physique aches, fatigue and complications. Cold signs may be just like the flu however are sometimes milder. The abdomen flu, or gastroenteritis, may be brought on by a number of totally different micro organism or viruses. Symptoms of gastroenteritis contain nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Pre-shot exposures and mismatches

Some folks do get the flu after they’ve acquired a flu shot, however that isn’t from the shot. It can occur for a few causes.

First, they may have been exposed to the flu earlier than that they had the shot. It can take as much as two weeks after receiving the flu shot to develop full immunity. Therefore, when you do get the flu inside this era, it’s possible that you just had been uncovered to the flu both previous to being vaccinated or earlier than your full immunity developed.

Second, relying on the pressure of the flu virus that you’re uncovered to, you might nonetheless get the flu even when you acquired the vaccine. Every 12 months, the flu vaccine is created to greatest match the pressure of the flu virus circulating. Therefore, the effectiveness of the flu vaccine will depend on the similarity between the virus circulating locally and the killed viruses used to make the vaccine.

If there’s a shut match between the 2, then the effectiveness of the flu vaccine will probably be excessive. However, if there’s not an in depth match, vaccine effectiveness might be decreased. Still, it’s crucial to notice that even when there’s not an in depth match between the circulating virus and the virus used to make the vaccine, the vaccine will nonetheless reduce the severity of flu signs and likewise assist forestall flu-related problems.

Bottom line: You can’t get influenza from getting the flu vaccine. As somebody who has handled many individuals who do get the flu, I strongly urge you to get the shot.

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