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October Full Moon 2019: Enormous, Orange Full Hunter’s Moon to Appear in Night Sky

This October, a vibrant orange Full Hunter’s Moon will seem within the night time sky.

Full moons happen roughly each as soon as a month when the Earth is positioned instantly between the solar and the moon. In these cases, it’s absolutely illuminated, showing like an ideal circle.

The October full moon will attain its peak on Sunday, October 13, at 5:08 p.m. EDT, though it would seem full to the bare eye for a couple of day on both facet of this date, in accordance with The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

The moon will solely be actually seen after sundown, nonetheless, and it’ll set near dawn the subsequent day. (On that date, sundown in New York, for instance, happens at round 6:20 p.m.) In truth, the night time of October 13 and 14 is the one one of many month during which the moon will stay within the sky from dawn to sundown.

This Full Hunter’s Moon is especially intriguing as a result of it might seem bigger and extra orange than a traditional full moon because of the truth that it rises round sundown.

This trick of the eyes, referred to as the “moon illusion,” makes the moon seem bigger close to the horizon than when it is positioned increased within the sky.

“When the moon is high overhead, it is dwarfed by the vast hemisphere of the heavens and appears to our eyes as a small disk in the sky,” Bob Berman, an astronomer for the Farmer’s Almanac, wrote.

“By contrast, when the moon is low, it is viewed in relation to earthly objects, such as chimneys or trees, whose size and shape provide scale,” he mentioned. “Your brain compares the size of the moon to the trees, buildings or other reference points, and suddenly, the moon looks massive!”

The cause that it seems extra orange nearer the horizon is because of the impact of the Earth’s ambiance, in accordance with Berman.

“When the moon is low in the sky, it is farther away from you than when it is directly overhead,” he wrote. “Because of this, the sunshine that is being mirrored off of a horizon-hugging moon has to journey a farther distance—and thru extra particles of air—to succeed in your eyes.

“By the time we understand this gentle, the shorter wavelengths of sunshine, the ‘blue’ ones, have been scattered by the air, leaving solely the longer wavelengths, the ‘crimson’ ones, to succeed in our eyes,” he said. “Thus, to us, the bluish hues are filtered out, and the moon takes on an orange tinge!”

On the opposite hand, when the moon is instantly overhead, the sunshine doesn’t need to journey via as many air particles to succeed in us as a result of the moon is nearer, thus it’s scattered much less. This permits extra of the blue wavelengths to succeed in our eyes, lending the moon a brighter, much less orangey coloration.

Unlike most different full moon names, the time period “Hunter’s Moon” is just not tied to a selected month. In truth, Hunter’s Moon is the identify given to whichever full moon comes after the Harvest Moon—or the one closest to the autumn equinox within the Northern Hemisphere.

As consequence, the time period “Hunter’s Moon” can be utilized for full moons that fall each in October and November, relying on the yr. This yr, the Harvest Moon occurred on Friday, September 13, for these residing within the Eastern time zone.

The identify of the Hunter’s Moon is assumed to return from Native American folklore. One rationalization is that the interval after the autumn harvest was an excellent time to go searching in preparation for winter.

October Full Moon 2019: Enormous, Orange Full Hunter's Moon to Appear in Night Sky
One day after the Full Hunter’s Moon, the moon rises behind decrease Manhattan and One World Trade Center in New York City on October 25, 2018, as seen from Green Brook Township, New Jersey. Gary Hershorn/Getty Images

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