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Asylum Seeker Who Fled to U.S. After Being Shot in the Head Put in Solitary Confinement by ICE, Given Ibuprofen for His Pain

An indigenous man who fled to the U.S. from Guatemala after surviving being shot within the head and tortured in his residence nation has stated that he was compelled into solitary confinement by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement company and initially solely given ibuprofen to deal with his ache.

Speaking to British newspaper The Guardian, Rolando, a 27-year-old who requested to not use his full identify over fears of persecution, stated that he had hoped to search out refuge within the U.S. when he offered himself on the San Ysidro port of entry earlier this 12 months.

Instead, he informed the newspaper, he was held in solitary confinement and jailed for months at San Diego’s Otay Mesa detention facility with restricted entry to medical help.

“I feared I was going to die,” Rolando stated. “I thought in this country, there is really good medical care…but I wasn’t getting any treatment.”

Suffering from insufferable complications and attainable mind hemorrhaging, the 27-year-old stated that when he requested to see a physician, he was supplied ibuprofen as an alternative.

Meanwhile, ICE repeatedly refused requests for his launch, regardless of Rolando having to endure dozens of medical visits, together with a number of journeys to the emergency room, with one ER physician reportedly writing that he needs to be thought-about a “serious patient” with a “significant complexity of risk.” That identical physician additionally suspected that the indigenous man might have some type of mind hemorrhage.

Since then, Rolando has been in a position to go away ICE custody. However, he’s nonetheless ready to search out out whether or not he will probably be granted asylum within the U.S., with the Guatemalan asylum seeker compelled to put on an ankle monitor so authorities can preserve observe of his whereabouts all through his immigration proceedings.

If Rolando is compelled to return to Guatemala, he stated he fears that he might face persecution. The 27-year-old stated his father was killed shortly after he was born after he resigned from the armed forces and have become a supporter of the pro-indigenous motion. His mom then died quickly after “from the trauma,” Rolando informed The Guardian.

With his siblings unable to deal with him, Rolando, only one 12 months previous, was handed over to his household’s neighbors.

When he grew up, the 27-year-old stated he began residing on the streets, the place he stated he believed he was being focused by the individuals who killed his father. He stated that he tried to hunt assist from police, solely to be bodily tortured by them.

According to Rolando’s account, he was shot within the head at a soccer recreation in 2016, along with his suspected attackers leaving him with a written dying menace referencing his father’s homicide.

Anne Rios, an legal professional with Al Otro Lado who’s representing Rolando, stated she was shocked when she noticed the younger man’s medical data.

“It seems unbelievable, almost too absurd to be true, but it’s not only documented, it’s the government’s own records,” Rios stated.

The 27-year-old stated that he can solely hope that the U.S. authorities will consider him when he says his life might be in danger if he’s compelled to return to Guatemala.

“I followed all the rules and I asked for admission,” he stated. “When you’re asking for asylum, you’re swearing to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I am telling the truth.”

Asylum Seeker Who Fled to U.S. After Being Shot in the Head Put in Solitary Confinement by ICE, Given Ibuprofen for His Pain
A guard escorts an immigrant detainee from his ‘segregation cell’ again into the final inhabitants on the Adelanto Detention Facility on November 15, 2013 in Adelanto, California. A Guatemalan asylum seeker has stated he was given ibuprofen throughout his time in U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody to deal with extreme complications after sustaining a gunshot wound to the pinnacle roughly three years in the past. John Moore/Getty

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