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Walking Fish Recently Discovered in Georgia, Invasive Species Found in 14 States

Georgia is the most recent state to seek out the northern snakehead, an invasive species of fish that may survive as much as 4 days on land, in its waters.

According to a statement by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division (WRD), the fish was caught in a non-public pond in Gwinnett County.

“We are now taking steps to determine if they have spread from this water body and, hopefully, keep it from spreading to other Georgia waters,” mentioned Matt Thomas, Chief of Fisheries for the WRD.

The northern snakehead has been reported in 14 states, however this was the primary time the species had been reported in Georgia. As an invasive species, the fish will compete with and prey on different species native to the realm. The United States Department of Agriculture says the fish is federally regulated, labeled as injurious wildlife.

Walking Fish Recently Discovered in Georgia, Invasive Species Found in 14 States
The northern snakehead, dubbed “Frankenfish”, is an invasive species from Asia that threatens North American ecosystems. The SDA/Getty

That classification means it’s unlawful to import the fish into the U.S. with out a allow. One should have a sound wild animal license in Georgia to promote, switch or possess any species of snakehead fish. It is as but unknown how the fish wound up within the Georgia pond.

Snakehead fish should still be stored as pets in some areas, in accordance with the United States Geological Survey. However, in lots of states, it’s in opposition to the regulation to personal one.

The northern snakehead makes use of its air bladder as a type of lung, enabling it to breathe and survive on land for as much as 4 days. If they bury themselves in mud or sediment, they will reside even longer. The Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force says the snakehead’s potential to maneuver from one physique of water to a different offers them a bonus over different fish.

KDKA reported {that a} northern snakehead was caught in Pennsylvania’s Monongahela River. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission was notified of the catch on September 27. While snakehead fish have been in Pennsylvania waters since roughly 2004, this was the primary time one had been captured within the Monongahela.

If caught, the WRD says the northern snakehead shouldn’t be launched however relatively killed instantly and frozen. The location the place the snakehead was caught and images must be despatched to the suitable regional WRD workplace.

The northern snakehead just isn’t the one invasive species of fish present in U.S. waters. The USGS says the Asian swamp eel has taken up residence in Florida, Georgia, New Jersey and Hawaii. While they’re edible, residing larvae could cause tissue harm and probably loss of life in people.

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