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AOC and Top Democrats Blast ‘Pink Tax’ On Women’s Hygiene Products, While Ohio Repeals Gender-Based Price Hike

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison and New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went on the offensive in opposition to a state “pink tax” concentrating on girls’s services and products.

Ocasio-Cortez responded to a latest article in The Washington Times that disparaged her for getting a “high-dollar hairdo” by bringing consideration to a so-called “pink tax” on a variety of hygiene merchandise reminiscent of tampons, hair care merchandise or physique sprays.

Ellison, the previous DNC deputy chairman, defended her and highlighted how haircuts, well being care and automobile restore costs for ladies are greater than their male equivalents, in accordance with shopper research. Their criticism of “the cost of simply being female” occurred because the Ohio state legislature unanimously passed a bill this week repealing the “pink tax.”

“Haircuts for women cost more than those for men. Also health care, car repairs, etc. That’s reality for the awesome AOC and every other woman. It’s morally wrong and it threatens the economic security of women and everyone who depends on her income. It’s the ‘pink tax,'” Ellison remarked Friday in a publish retweeted by Ocasio-Cortez.

In at the least 34 states, female hygiene merchandise reminiscent of tampons usually are not exempt from gross sales tax as a result of they don’t seem to be labeled as a well being care necessity. But bipartisan lawmakers in Ohio Thursday passed House Bill 19 in a 91-Zero vote and corresponding Senate Bill 26, successfully repealing the so-called “pink tax” or “tampon tax” as its been dubbed in different state assemblies.

Responding to conservative outrage over the price of her latest haircut, Ocasio-Cortez tweeted a comparison of how Vice President Mike Pence has spent “several thousand haircuts’ worth” of taxpayer funds on visits to Trump-owned golf programs. “I wonder if Republicans care about corruption as much as they care about a woman’s cut & color,” she remarked Thursday.

Ellison additionally went to bat in opposition to gender-based pricing, replying Friday to a snarky tweet claiming the “economy would drop if women had any self-esteem,” remarking, “Friend, it’s not self esteem. It’s price-gouging. It’s discrimination.”

The Ohio repeal of the “pink tax” is way from the primary state legislative effort to curb what the Brennan Center’s Jennifer Weiss-Wolf described in Newsweek Friday as “a popular euphemism for gender-based pricing” during which the price of services or products for ladies are greater than their corresponding male equivalents.

In April, California Democratic Congresswoman Jackie Speier introduced the newest iteration of the “Pink Tax Repeal Act,” H.R. 2048, which solely garnered the help of two Republicans versus 49 Democrats. Republicans by no means allowed two comparable prior payments from Speier to come back to votes of in 2018 and 2016. Speier’s invoice questioned, “should women be allowed to be charged more than men for similar products or services?” The laws cites a New York City Department of Consumer Affairs examine which discovered girls’s merchandise price a median of 7 percent more than those self same merchandise concentrating on males.

“This is a victory for all women in Ohio who have unfairly been paying a tax on tampons and other feminine hygiene products,” GOP lawmaker Rep. Niraj Antani, one of many joint sponsors of the profitable Ohio “pink tax” repeal wrote on Facebook. “Proud to have sponsored HB 19, which was included in SB 26 today. This is a victory for all Ohio women in reducing their tax burden & being treated more equally under the law!”

Ellison continued pushing again in opposition to right-wing mockery sparked by the Washington Times article, highlighting a number of girls’s feedback arguing most individuals “have no idea” how a lot black girls particularly spend on hair care merchandise. He shared one other reply which labeled the “pink tax” as merely “the cost of being a woman.”

AOC and Top Democrats Blast 'Pink Tax' On Women's Hygiene Products, While Ohio Repeals Gender-Based Price Hike
Packages of Tampax model tampons on a drugstore shelf in New York on Wednesday, February 10, 2016. Richard Levine/Corbis by way of Getty Images/Getty

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