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Drone Captures Coffins Floating in Texas Cemetery After Tropical Storm Imelda Causes Severe Flooding

A drone has captured eerie footage of coffins floating in a Texas cemetery after Tropical Storm Imelda caused severe flooding in the state.

When Does Fall Start? Autumnal Equinox Marks First Day of the Season

While many people associate fall with the leaves changing colors and an end to hot weather, the first day of the new season will likely arrive before any noticeable changes in many areas.

Fall Images, Quotes in Honor of the First Day of Autumn

For some parts of the United States, the start of fall may feel more like a summer day, but soon the leaves will change and it will be time for sweaters and pumpkins. Until then, some people may have to settle for photos and quotes to get them in the autumnal mood.

Israeli Arab Parties Said They Supported Netanyahu’s Rival as ‘Slap in the Face to Trump’

Israel's alliance of Arab parties said their historic recommendation of prime minister candidate Benny Gantz was intended as a "slap in the face" to President Donald Trump and his close support of Benjamin Netanyahu.

Andrew Yang’s Former Employee Claims He Fired Her Because She Got Married

A former employee of Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang claimed the entrepreneur turned politician fired her because she got married.

Arizona GOP Candidate Proposes Annexing Mexico, Says ‘Half the Country’ Wants to Be US Citizens

Arizona Republican businessman and pro-Trump United States Senate primary challenger Daniel McCarthy proposed annexing Mexico, telling a radio host that 30 million illegal immigrants and "half the country" already want to be U.S. citizens.

A Manchester woman’s face transplant is failing after 6 years

MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — A woman who was severely burned in a domestic violence attack in Vermont is hoping for a second face transplant after doctors recently discovered tissue damage that likely will lead to the loss of her donor face.

New law aims to help unions representing public workers

BOSTON (AP) — Unions representing public workers in Massachusetts will now be allowed to charge non-members costs associated with representing them through the grievance process.