Hundreds of Bison Migrating Out of Yellowstone to be Hunted Down Under Government-Sponsored Slaughter

Bison have started to migrate out of Yellowstone National Park and into southwestern Montana where they could be the target of hunters attempting to reduce the herds' population size by up to 900.

Treasure Hunters Find 300-Year-Old Silver Coins Worth Thousands of Dollars on Florida Beach

A group of treasure hunters have found 300-year-old silver coins worth thousands of dollars buried on a Florida beach.

How Is a Pandemic Different From an Epidemic? American Health Officials Warn of Coronavirus...

As cases of COVID-19 continue to climb, health officials urged Americans to prepare in the event the outbreak becomes a pandemic.

ICE Denies Portland School Board’s Claims That Agents Arrested Father at Bus Stop

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency has denied claims agents arrested a father at a school bus stop in Portland just after dropping his children off.

Mike Bloomberg’s Height Might Actually Hurt His Election Chances Against Trump, History Shows

He may only be one inch shorter than the average American man, but the way Democratic contender Michael Bloomberg is described by President Donald Trump, you would be forgiven for thinking he can barely be seen above the debate rostrum.

Coronavirus Update: Map Shows More Than 82,000 Cases Across Six Continents

Cases of the new coronavirus that causes the disease COVID-19 surpassed 82,000, an increase of about 1,000 cases from the previous morning.

Top U.S. Marine Orders All Confederate Symbols Be Removed From Corps Bases

The commandant of the Marine Corps has ordered that all symbols connected to the Confederacy be removed from Marine installations, according to reports.

Boston metropolis councilors need to discuss over late-night T service once more

When the MBTA pulled the plug on late-night T service back in 2016, the agency’s governing board made the decision based on poor results from a two-year pilot program.

Texas Teen Arrested When CBP Officers Seize Meth Worth $1.6 Million Hidden in His...

A teenager from Texas was arrested when officers with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) seized methamphetamine worth $1.6 million after finding it hidden in his car.

Lab rescued after falling via ice in Ashland State Park

A firefighter in a survival suit swam through icy waters in Ashland State Park on Tuesday afternoon to rescue a Labrador who had fallen through the ice.

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Washington Newspaper Delivery Woman Allegedly Shot for Driving Too Slow

An investigation was launched after a newspaper delivery woman was shot in Washington state in an apparent road rage incident.

Trump ‘Cares About the Stock Market’ Rather Than Combating Coronavirus, Says Psychiatrist: ‘This Man...

A psychiatrist who co-authored a book expressing fears about the psychological state of Donald Trump has warned that people in the U.S. will die because of the the way the president is handling the coronavirus.

Helicopter Sharpshooters Kill Dozens of Mountain Goats in Wyoming National Park

Mountain goats in the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming were culled by sharpshooters in helicopters. In total, 38 animals were killed last Friday in an effort to remove the non-native animals from the population by lethal and non-lethal (capture and relocation) methods, the Associated Press reported.