YouTube TV is dropping Fox’s regional sports activities networks and YES Network on February...

YouTube TV is about to lose a decent chunk of sports programming. Today, customers of the streaming TV service received an email alerting them that Fox’s regional sports networks (RSNs) and the YES Network will no longer be available as of February 29th. YouTube TV and Sinclair Broadcast Group, which owns all of the networks involved here, have been unable to reach a new carriage deal. Unfortunately, as is usually the case in these situations, that means customers are in for a very abrupt cutoff come Saturday. Live, on-demand, and even DVR’d content from the Fox RSNs and YES will all be gone.

Diaper supply firm Dyper will take again its nappies after use and compost them

Dyper wants you to send in your poop — or more precisely, your baby’s poop. For those who subscribe to its diaper delivery service, Dyper will take back its compostable diapers once the baby’s done their business and handle the composting in its ReDyper program, a partnership with waste management company TerraCycle.

Tim Cook says Apple is reopening factories as China will get ‘coronavirus under control’

Apple CEO Tim Cook said today that factories in China that manufacture the company’s products are reopening as “China is getting the coronavirus under control.” The comments came from a preview of an upcoming interview with Fox Business.

YouTube is experimenting with letting creators promote adverts on to manufacturers

One of the most thrown around terms within the YouTube community is “demonetization.” Now, YouTube is piloting a new program that will let creators sell ad space directly to brands they work with regularly.

8chan’s founder is going through arrest for ‘cyberlibel’ within the Philippines

Fredrick Brennan, founder of widely loathed forum 8chan, reportedly faces arrest in the Phillippines over a “cyberlibel” claim. Brennan has become a strident critic of 8chan and its current operator Jim Watkins, whom Brennan transferred ownership to in 2015. Last year, Watkins struck back with a legal complaint, disputing a series of tweets where Brennan said he was “going senile.” Now, according to Philippine news site Rappler, there’s an official warrant out for Brennan’s arrest.

LinkedIn is testing Snapchat-like tales as a result of that’s the world we stay...

LinkedIn is a website that’s effectively a mixture between an interactive resume and a college job fair, but that hasn’t stopped it from aspiring to be a cooler, more social part of the internet. Its latest attempt? Snapchat-style stories, which the company announced it was testing internally to try out “a new conversational format” for business conversations.

Tinder swipes proper on ‘Swipe Night’ by renewing it for a second season

Tinder has renewed Swipe Night, its in-app Choose Your Own Adventure-style series, for a second season that’s expected to premiere this summer, as first reported by Variety. The first season debuted last October.

It’s onerous to care about different folks’s emotions on-line

The internet is so big. Yesterday I saw a javelina running in Tuscon, AZ, set to “Running Up That Hill”; today, I saw merch for SARS-CoV-2, the name for the virus that causes COVID-19 — what we’ve all been referring to, humorously or not, as “the coronavirus.” It’s really only possible to keep up with what’s going on online in your particular corner of the web, though I do think it’s fractal and that local dynamics are the same as the system-wide ones.

Facebook cancels F8 developer convention attributable to coronavirus issues

Facebook has canceled the in-person portion of F8, the company’s annual developer conference, due to coronavirus concerns. F8 was originally scheduled to take place on May 5th and May 6th later this year.

YouTube appoints first ‘creator liaison’ as YouTubers demand transparency and solutions

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has repeatedly said that YouTube is trying to be more transparent with creators about changes that will affect their day-to-day lives. The next evolution in that plan is appointing the company’s first ever “head creator liaison” to help keep the peace.

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Vivo’s Apex 2020 idea has breakthrough cameras and an ultra-curved display screen

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WeWork was 2019’s soap opera of a company, and its story was so wild that it will be the focus of a second TV series, Variety reports.

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