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Adobe’s Fresco painting app for the iPad launches today

Adobe’s newest painting and illustration app for the iPad, Fresco, is launching on the App Store today. The app is free for Creative Cloud subscribers, and non-subscribers can download a free version that has most of the same features, but lacks some brushes and limits the file export size to iPad screen resolution (so that means no high-res files). There’s also an option to buy a standalone version of the app for $9.99 a month, which comes with the first six months for free if you purchase before December 31st, 2019. However, any new features added to the app later will only be available to users with a Creative Cloud plan.

‘Right to be forgotten’ only applies to Google in the EU, court rules

The EU’s top court has ruled that Google does not need to remove links to sensitive information in all versions of its search engine worldwide when responding to “right to be forgotten” requests. Reuters reports that the European Court of Justice ruled that Google must only remove links in versions of its search engine meant for use in EU member states.

YouTube is only the latest platform to botch its verification program

The modern-day verified social media account was born in June 2009, when the manager of the St. Louis Cardinals sued Twitter because someone had created an account to impersonate him. In the years since, the question of what verification should mean — and who should be eligible to be verified — has bedeviled every social network that’s ever attempted to do it.

Samsung will let Galaxy Fold owners replace their screens once for $149

In just a few days, the Samsung Galaxy Fold will again go on sale in the US, for $1980. One of the big mysteries about the re-launch was what Samsung would do to try to avoid another debacle. The answer, it turns out, is just a ridiculous amount of education and warnings. And if none of that convinces purchasers to baby their Folds, Samsung is allowing for a one-time-only screen replacement for $149.

Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Alpha is almost entirely made of screen

Xiaomi’s Mi Mix series has always pushed the boundaries of phone screens and form factors, from the original model that kicked off the bezel wars to last year’s sliding, notchless Mi Mix 3. Now, just as we’re starting to see “waterfall” displays with extreme curved edges, Xiaomi is taking this to a wild new level with the Mi Mix Alpha.

NASA Says 2019 Arctic Sea Ice Minimum Ties for Second Lowest on Record: ‘There Is No Sign That the Sea Ice Cover Is Rebounding’

The 2019 Arctic sea ice minimum was the second lowest on record, tying with 2007 and 2016, NASA has said. On September 18, sea ice coverage measured 1.6 million square miles, satellite data from NASA and the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) showed. The lowest Arctic sea ice minimum ever recorded took place in 2012, when it shrunk to 1.32 million square miles.

This Hallucinogenic Plant May Have Been Used to Induce a Trance-Like Rage in the Vikings’ Toughest Warriors

A caste of Viking warriors fought with such ferociousness and vigor that they were said to howl like wild beasts and even bite their own shields out of rage. It is said that they entered combat in a trance-like state—or, in Norse: "berserkergang"—and completely naked except for animal skins and, perhaps, a piece of horned headgear.

Xiaomi announces Mi 9 Pro 5G with 30W fast wireless charging

Xiaomi has announced the Mi 9 Pro 5G, a new variant of its generally very good Mi 9 with faster chips, connectivity, and charging. It’s based around a Snapdragon 855+ processor with 8 or 12GB of RAM, has what sounds like the same 6.4-inch 1080p OLED display but now with “professional” calibration, and of course a 5G modem that Xiaomi says offers full coverage for China’s three major carriers.