Video: Seth Meyers Assesses Trump's SOTU Message-'Even His Tie Has Moved to the Left'

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Video: Seth Meyers Assesses Trump's SOTU Message-'Even His Tie Has Moved to the Left'

Seth Meyers wasted no time in being one in every of plenty of folks mocking Donald Trump’s disjointed look throughout the president’s State of the Union tackle.

Following the speech, which needed to be rescheduled because of the latest authorities shutdown, Meyers hosted a particular dwell version of Late Night wherein the host responded to the tackle.

One of the issues Meyers—in addition to social media—mentioned was Trump’s trademark red tie being means off-center.

“Before Trump’s speech even started, we already had one big ‘oops’ moment—Trump’s weirdly crooked tie,” Meyers mentioned throughout the “Closer Look” phase of the present

“Trump is so unpopular even his tie has moved to the left,” Meyers added.

Trump’s neckwear was additionally broadly mocked on-line, with 1000’s of Twitter customers noticing the messy look.

“I know I’ll have more important policy points on #SOTU to make in a second but: TRUMP’S ASKEW TIE IS OUR NATION RIGHT NOW,” tweeted political commentator Sally Khon

“The man walked past all of Congress and nobody told him his tie is messed up. That’s a sign they don’t love you,” creator Wajahat Ali wrote.

During his present, Meyers additionally mentioned one other second broadly mentioned on social media, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi showing to learn from a stack of papers whereas Trump was delivering the tackle.

“Understanding what Trump is saying at any given moment can be difficult for casual observers, let alone professional politicians who are used to normal human syntax,” Meyers joked.

“Which might explain why at one point Nancy Pelosi seemed to be reading along with a printed copy of the speech. She looks like a babysitter reading the rules of a board game while the kids are just chucking game pieces at each other,” the host urged.

“She looks like she’s checking the playbill to see who the understudy is. ‘Oooh, it’s Alec Baldwin’,” Meyers added, in reference to the favored impersonation the actor does of Trump throughout appearances on Saturday Night Live.

Meyers additionally mocked Trump for repeating claims that earlier presidents ought to have constructed a wall alongside the U.S.-Mexico border.

“If anybody needs to be pleased that nobody constructed a wall, it needs to be you,” Meyers mentioned. “What would people shout at your rallies, ‘Maintain the previously erected wall?”

This is the fourth time that Late Night has run a dwell episode, with the final one occurring throughout the 2016 presidential election, based on the Hollywood Reporter.

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