'True Detective' Season 3 Finale Theories: Who Is The Killer?

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'True Detective' Season 3 Finale Theories: Who Is The Killer?

Sunday evening is when solutions are lastly revealed for Season Three of True Detective, which airs tonight, and forward of its premiere. One large query nonetheless stays: Who is behind of what occurred to the Purcell youngsters? 

While the reply won’t be confirmed till the season’s finale, it hasn’t stopped Reddit customers from creating their very own theories of who the killer is. From the punk teenagers within the Volkswagen to somebody already out of the image, listed here are the most probably of theories, in keeping with a Refinery29 report

The punk teenagers launched within the first episode

Reddit consumer toppalini proposed that Season 3’s killer may’ve been launched within the very first episode. Played by Rhys Wakefield, Frankie Boyle, and 13 Reasons Why’s Brandon Flynn, the teenagers had been first placed on this Redditor’s radar after their odd encounter with the youngsters on their bikes and gazing them “menacingly.” 

“If they were just on their way to a party, why would they pull over like that, just to stare at the kids? And then a little later, it cuts to him messing around on the girl’s bike,” toppalini wrote. “During the older guy’s interrogation, his story doesn’t make too much sense, and he certainly gets emotional over something he knows he didn’t do.” 

“What I’m getting to here is, what if the killer was basically revealed in the very first episode? They were certainly creeping on those kids, they didn’t just pass them by,” the Redditor added. “They pulled over just to watch them, maybe to follow them. And then, he’s riding the bike that night.” 

'True Detective' Season 3 Finale Theories: Who Is The Killer? From left, Lena McCarthy and Phoenix Elkin in “True Detective.” Season Three of the HBO present premiered on January 13. Warrick Page/HBO

Isabel and Watts

Unhinged by the loss of life of her husband and younger daughter, Isabel and her caretaker Watts hatch a plan to kidnap Julie in an effort to reduce Isabel’s grief, in keeping with one concept offered by The Ringer. After the kidnapping, Isabel and Watts take Julie to the “pink room,” referenced in episode 6 “Hunters in the Dark.” 

This concept seems to be to be one of many extra “obvious” theories, so if true, it is potential there may be going to be a twist within the finale. Another Redditor additionally theorized that Isabel and Watts may even have labored alongside the punk teenagers, referenced above. 

“My theory is this, Julie and Will want to go meet this ‘Aunt’ in their usual spot in Devil’s Den. When they get there, two people are waiting for them. The ‘Aunt’ is Isabel (Hoyt’s Daughter) and Watts (or Mr. June). The plan has been in place for several months,” Redditor PillowFighterXO wrote. “Watts and Isabel have been gaining the trust of these two children. I am sure Isabel likes being around Julie especially. It sounds as if she went a little crazy after losing both her husband and daughter in that car crash.” 

The Redditor continued to hypothesize that Freddy Burns killed Will, however not deliberately. In this explicit concept, Will was capable of get away from Isabel and Watts; nevertheless, within the midst of his escape, runs into Freddy. As Will tries to flee a second time “he trips running full speed and his head hits a rock and it kills him due to the impact.” 

'True Detective' Season 3 Finale Theories: Who Is The Killer? Mahershala Ali as Detective Wayne Hays in “True Detective.” Season Three of the HBO present debuted on January 13, 2018. Warrick Page/HBO

Someone who’s already dead

Due to a standard theme offered within the collection of “history repeating itself,” one Redditor hypothesized that the killer can be convicted in absentia. 

“Following the theme of Woodard and Tom Purcell, new evidence gathered in 2015 will result in the conviction of someone who has already died,” Redditor MitchReinhardt wrote. “A major theme in True Detective has always been history repeating itself. The third time around, they’ll finally get their man (or woman) leading to a posthumous conviction for the crimes.” 

Refinery 29 famous that this concept may match with the speculation talked about earlier involving Isabel’s caretaker: “It’s worth noting that Watts, who was an old man all the way back in the 1990 timeline, is probably dead in the present.” 

While Reddit is a goldmine for True Detective theories, discover out the reality when the Season Three finale airs on HBO Sunday at 9 p.m. ET. 

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