Who Was Fredo in ‘The Godfather’? Explainer After Chris Cuomo Equates Name to N-Word

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Who Was Fredo in ‘The Godfather’? Explainer After Chris Cuomo Equates Name to N-Word

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo took large offense to being referred to as, “Fredo,” a reference to The Godfather’s Fredo Corleone, the weakest of three brothers, who in the end betrays his solely dwelling brother.

On Sunday, Cuomo was referred to as “Fredo,” throughout a confrontation with a heckler, a reputation that the CNN host characterised as an “Italian aspersion,” and equated to the N-word. He reiterated that it was an insult to Italian folks and threatened to throw the heckler down the steps.

While some criticized Cuomo for the conduct and relating being referred to as “Fredo” to the N-word, his community, and Fox News’ Sean Hannity defended the CNN host. Hannity posted on Twitter that the heckler was “being a jackass” in entrance of Cuomo and his household and mentioned the CNN host was the one who deserved the apology.

“Chris Cuomo defended himself when he was verbally attacked with using an ethnic slur in an orchestrated setup. We utterly assist him,” CNN mentioned in a press release.

The Godfather, one of the vital iconic movie franchises in historical past, chronicles the lives of the members of the Corleone household, a fictional Italian organized crime household. Don Vito Corleone, the top of the household, has a daughter, Connie, and three sons – Sonny, the oldest, Fredo, the center son and Michael, the youngest.

Sonny is fatally shot on the Causeway and Vito later names Michael as his successor, inflicting stress between him and his older brother, Fredo. Vito by no means explicitly says why he bypassed Fredo for the highest place, however it’s largely believed it was because of Fredo being weak.

Who Was Fredo in 'The Godfather'? Explainer After Chris Cuomo Equates Name to N-Word
In “The Godfather,” Fredo Corleone is taken into account the weakest of the three brothers and in the end betrays his youthful brother, Michael, inflicting his dying. Paramount Pictures

This weak point is displayed quite a few occasions all through the movie, particularly throughout the pivotal second when Vito is near-fatally shot. While choosing out fruit at a stand, Vito is gunned down and as an alternative of returning hearth, Fredo, who was with him on the time and terrified, drops his gun.

Later within the movie, whereas in Las Vegas, Mo Greene, a on line casino proprietor, slaps Fredo in public and when Michael calls Greene out for the conduct, Fredo defends Mo, prompting Michael to utter the long-lasting line, “Don’t ever take sides with anyone against the family, again.”

During the second movie, The Godfather Part II, Fredo is approached by a rival mobster and supplied compensation to offer particular help in coping with Michael. After discovering that Fredo betrayed him, Michael confronts his older brother whereas the 2 are celebrating New Year’s in Havana, Cuba.

“I do know it was you, Fredo, you broke my coronary heart. You broke my coronary heart,” Michael tells his brother.

Back within the United States, Michael points orders that Fredo is to not be harmed whereas their mom is alive and after her dying, appears to forgive his brother, principally on the urging of his sister Connie. However, whereas the 2 are at Lake Tahoe, Al Neri, the bodyguard of Michael, fatally shoots Fredo on the lake whereas Michael watches from the window.

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