Video Shows What Iran Says Is Shoot Down of ‘Foreign’ Drone, U.S. Denies One of Theirs


Iran has introduced it shot down an unmanned aerial system that penetrated the nation’s airspace over southwestern Khuzestan province, releasing a brief video purporting to again the declare.

The five-second clip, revealed Friday by the Islamic Republic of Iran Army, exhibits an unidentified surface-to-air missile system firing into the night time sky. The footage accompanied an announcement by Iranian Army Air Defense Force Brigadier General Alireza Sabahifard, who mentioned that “a drone was destroyed by the indigenous army air defense systems deployed in the Mahshahr general area under the guidance of the country’s integrated air defenses.”

Sabahifard defined that the “decisive act of firing missiles came in response to a foreign invasion of our airspace,” noting that the try was thwarted “before reaching critical locations.” Iran “will be fully prepared to respond decisively to any violation of its airspace,” he warned.

The brigadier basic didn’t specify from which nation the gadget launched or establish its nationwide origin, however U.S. Central Command, which misplaced a state-of-the-art spy drone to Iranian air defenses in June, tweeted: “Alleged reports of a U.S. drone being shot down are incorrect. If a UAS had gone down in the CENTCOM AOR it was not a #DoD asset. All U.S. equipment has been accounted for.”

Video Shows What Iran Says Is Shoot Down of 'Foreign' Drone, U.S. Denies One of Theirs
A nonetheless from a five-second clip revealed by the Iranian navy exhibits the second a surface-to-air missile system is fired, purportedly within the neighborhood of Mahshahr Country and focusing on a “foreign” drone that entered the nation’s airspace over southwestern Khuzestan province, November 8. Islamic Republic of Iran Army

The alleged incident comes amid seemingly perpetual excessive tensions between the U.S. and Iran, whose rivalry has more and more centered across the Persian Gulf area off the shores of the place Friday’s drone was mentioned to have entered. After Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards took down the superior U.S. Global Hawk drone with what they mentioned as a domestically-produced third Khordad system in June, the Navy claimed to have downed a smaller Iranian drone a month later utilizing an digital jamming gadget on Wasp-class amphibious assault ship USS Boxer.

Both nations have repeatedly challenged each other’s claims, with the U.S. denying its gadget violated Iranian airspace, and Tehran denying its drone was hit in any respect in July. Washington has additionally charged its foe with sabotaging oil tankers within the Strait of Hormuz and of orchestrating a missile and drone assault on two Saudi oil services in September.

Frictions between the U.S. and Iran date again many years however have gotten markedly worse since President Donald Trump withdrew from a 2015 nuclear deal that briefly abated their mutual animosity. The settlement was additionally endorsed and continues to be backed by China, the European Union, France, Germany, Russia and the United Kingdom, although Europe’s failure to reside as much as commerce commitments below menace of Washington’s sanctions has led Tehran to steadily scale back its personal compliance, as per the phrases of the accord.


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