Chris Simms says Jarrett Stidham reminds him ‘a little of Tony Romo’


NFL analyst Chris Simms positioned Patriots quarterback Jarrett Stidham at No. 35 in his newest quarterback rankings, however used an intriguing comparability when speaking about his ceiling: Tony Romo.

“First off, I loved [Stidham] coming out of college,” Simms stated on a latest version of Pro Football Talk tv present. “I saw a lot of him in preseason last year, and loved the way he looked. Really, when you look at him, there’s nothing to say or look at him physically and go, ‘Oh, there’s a weakness to his football game.’ He reminds me a little of Tony Romo. He’s a very pure thrower of the football. He’s got great mechanics, he’s natural that way. He’s smart, and we know he’s being well-schooled up there in New England.

“He doesn’t have as strong of an arm as Tom Brady, but it’s not far off — it’s right there in that range. It’s a really good arm, and he’s a good athlete. Not an athlete that’s going to run for a ton of yards, but can move around the pocket and extend plays that way. That’s what I’m excited about with Jarrett Stidham: He’s got great feel. He’s a natural at playing the quarterback position, let alone, he’s got skills that can really shine and stand out as well.”

So far, Brian Hoyer and Brady haven’t but appeared on Simms’ countdown.

At this level, Stidham is probably going the consensus starter in New England, because the Patriots enter the post-Brady period with him, Hoyer, J’Mar Smith, and Brian Lewerke at quarterback. A fourth-round pick of Auburn final yr, Stidham went 2 for four for 14 yards and an interception final yr.