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15 More Die From Coronavirus in China as Chicago Woman Treated for Disease, First Cases Found in Europe, Australia

Health officials in Chicago confirmed Friday that a 60-year-old woman has been diagnosed with coronavirus. This is the second verified case of coronavirus in the U.S., a sickness that has caused the province of Wuhan, China to be placed under quarantine to prevent its spread.

Nebraska Family Tells of Daughter’s Terrifying Ordeal With ‘Brain on Fire’ Condition

A Nebraska couple have spoken of the horrifying ordeal their child went through as a result autoimmune encephalitis—a condition sometimes referred to as "brain on fire."

The serious consequence of exercising too much, too fast

Every 365.25 days, when the Earth completes a full orbit around the Sun, we humans have the opportunity to hit the reset button and become fitter, finer versions of ourselves. As usual for January, social media is humming with advice on how to eat better, exercise regularly, lose weight and remain healthy. We feel particularly invincible at this time of year, armed with renewed vigor and motivation to purge ourselves from previous indulgences and our couch-potato ways.

Are you in danger of catching the coronavirus? 5 questions answered

Editor’s note: The Chinese government has quarantined Wuhan, a port city of 11 million people, and it has restricted travel to and from several other cities, including Beijing, to contain the coronavirus that has sickened more than 800 people and killed at least 25 as of Jan. 23, 2020. A case has been reported in Seattle, and officials are monitoring a patient with a possible case in College Station, Texas. This raises the question: Will this spread – to me?

Coronavirus Outbreak Update: Patients Tested in California and Texas As WHO Refuses to Declare Global Health Emergency

Health officials are carrying out medical tests for the new coronavirus strain on patients who have recently returned from Wuhan, China, in Alameda County, California, and Brazos County, Texas.

China Confirms First Coronavirus Death Outside of Epicenter of Disease Outbreak

An 80-year-old man is the first death of the coronavirus outside of the disease outbreak's epicenter, China's National Health Commission confirmed Thursday.

Joaquin Phoenix’s lips mocked – here’s what everyone should know about cleft lip

After discussing actor Joaquin Phoenix’s appearance on her talk show earlier this month, Wendy Williams received near universal condemnation for mocking those affected with cleft lip – a common birth defect in which the upper lip does not form completely while still an embryo. To her credit, Williams was quick to apologize. Note that it is also unclear whether Phoenix has a cleft lip or simply a scar. Unfortunately, however, the incident was another reminder of how individuals with facial differences (and their families) often feel stigmatized and can face discrimination and social isolation.

Is it OK for teens to drink coffee?

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