August 19, 2019

Trump likens shopping for Greenland to ‘a big actual property deal’

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump said Sunday the idea of buying Greenland from Denmark has been discussed within his administration because of the strategic benefits for the U.S. and suggested that the semi-autonomous territory is a financial burden to Denmark.
August 19, 2019

Epstein’s purported madam now a spotlight in intercourse abuse circumstances

MIAMI (AP) — She’s been called Jeffrey Epstein’s madam, the woman who recruited girls for his sexual appetites, and at times his social planner and household organizer in places ranging from New York to Palm Beach, Florida.
August 19, 2019

Trump Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow Dismisses Recession Warnings: ‘I Sure Don’t See a Recession’

In separate interviews on Sunday with NBC's Meet the Press, Fox News and ABC's This Week, top Trump economic advisers downplayed warnings that the U.S. is headed towards a recession.
August 19, 2019

Trump wields sanctions hammer; specialists marvel to what finish

WASHINGTON (AP) — Call it the diplomacy of coercion.The Trump administration is aggressively pursuing economic sanctions as a primary foreign policy tool to an extent unseen in decades, or perhaps ever. Many are questioning the results even as officials insist the penalties are achieving their aims.
August 19, 2019

Massachusetts amongst states to contemplate use of ‘dental therapists’

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — It can be hard to keep smiles healthy in rural areas, where dentists are few and far between and residents often are poor and lack dental coverage. Efforts to remedy the problem have produced varying degrees of success.
August 18, 2019

Before Trump eyed Greenland: Here’s what occurred final time the US purchased a big chunk of the Arctic

Editor’s note: Reports that President Donald Trump has urged aides to look into buying Greenland make us think of the last time the United States bought a major territory in the Arctic: the purchase of Alaska from Russia in 1867. Two years ago, we asked William L. Iggiagruk Hensley, a visiting professor at the University of Alaska Anchorage, to write about that historic sale.
August 17, 2019

How Democrats can win again employees in 2020

Labor unions and the workers they represent were once the heart and soul of the Democratic Party. The 2016 presidential election revealed just how much that has changed. Hillary Clinton lost in key battleground states like Michigan and Wisconsin in part because she took labor support for granted.
August 16, 2019

Ford extends transmission guarantee for 560,000 Fiestas, Focuses

DETROIT (AP) — Ford is extending the warranties on about 560,000 small cars in the U.S. and Canada to cover a litany of problems with a troubled six-speed automatic transmission.
August 16, 2019

Equinox Gym Makes $1 Million Donation to LGBT, Cancer Groups After Fallout From Trump Fundraiser

Equinox announced its donated $1 million to a variety of charities days after Stephen Ross—chair of the luxury gym chain's parent company, Related Companies—hosted a pricey Hamptons fundraiser for Donald Trump's re-election bid.
August 15, 2019

Trump suggests commerce deal can watch for Hong Kong decision

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump suggested Wednesday that trade talks with China can wait until tensions in Hong Kong have eased, tweeting: “Of course China wants to make a deal. Let them work humanely with Hong Kong first!”