Ranked: The World’s Most Prosperous, Pleasant, Inclusive, Healthy and Safe Countries

The world is becoming a more prosperous place, according to a new report on global wealth from the Legatum Institute.

L.A. Auto Show 2018 in Pictures: The Latest Cars, SUVs, Pickup Trucks and Concept...

Automakers are unveiling the latest cars, SUVs, pickup trucks and concept vehicles at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show. The show is dominated by bulkier models, reflecting the American consumer's move away from sedans toward SUVs and trucks.

Last-minute items for the great human

Ever since the millennial generation was baptized, I've been distancing myself from it, for fear of being branded a lazy, matcha-latte-drinking snowflake. Retailers can afford nothing less than a full-throated embrace of my generation: avocado-obsessed millennials may have less disposable income than their parents, but what nickels we can rub together we tend to spend on products with a conscience. According to a 2015 Nielsen report, 73 percent of millennials are willing to spend more on brands that demonstrate a commitment to social or environmental responsibility. The pressure on companies to satisfy these woke consumers' demands has changed the way brands interact with their customers. Transparency and purpose are no longer a bonus, but a requirement.

Consumer Confidence Fell After Trump’s New Trade Agreement With China

President Donald Trump's signing of a "phase one" trade agreement with China last week didn't increase consumer confidence, which actually declined in the days following the deal, according to data from Morning Consult.

Nike Denies Pulling Kobe Bryant-branded Products From Its Website to Stop Sellers Stockpiling

Nike appears to have no Kobe Bryant-related products available for purchase on its online store, following the former NBA star's death. Bryant died on Sunday, along with his 13-year-old daughter Gianna and another seven people, when the helicopter he was flying in crashed outside Calabasas, California, northwest of Los Angeles.

Female Entrepreneur Active in Tokyo and Uganda

Chizu Nakamoto says, "I think Tokyo offers an environment where, if you make the effort, you can find the people and information that make it easy to start a business." She should know. In 2015, Nakamoto started Ricci Everyday, a fashion brand that creates colorful and playful batik products made of African prints. When Nakamoto was looking to establish a company that make full and proper use of women, she opted for an African prints business. By establishing a workshop in Uganda, a country familiar with the fashion industry, she believed that she could provide jobs in that area. Since then, Nakamoto has been back and forth between the workshop in Uganda and the store in Tokyo, and the business is thriving.

Fox News Guest Says Millennials ‘Attracted to Socialism’ Because ‘Everything is on Demand’

The hosts of Fox & Friends railed against actor Mark Ruffalo Tuesday morning after he declared "capitalism is killing us," with the show's first guest mocking Ruffalo for being a millionaire and accusing him of misinforming millennials about socialism.

No Background Checks for DIY Firearms, Gun-Rights Supporters Notch Temporary Courtroom Win in Pennsylvania

Gun-rights supporters in Pennsylvania secured a temporary victory Friday after a commonwealth judge ordered the state to stop mandating background checks on weapons precursors, which are commonly used to make DIY firearms.

Growing up in a banking desert can damage your credit score for the remainder...

The Research Brief is a short take on interesting academic work.A banking desert is an area without traditional financial institutions and services. They are common in rural areas because large financial institutions are reluctant to operate in less populated areas that are less profitable. Two colleagues and I found that people who grow up in a bank desert on Native American reservations are at a financial disadvantage throughout their adult life. They are less likely to use traditional credit, such as a credit card or a mortgage. When they do, their payments are significantly higher than average, and they’re more likely to fall behind on payments. These effects persist even for people who move to areas with more banking services.

The US financial system produced about $21.7 trillion in items and companies in 2019...

Editor’s note: The Bureau of Economic Analysis reported on Jan. 30 that U.S. Gross Domestic Product climbed to an estimated nominal value of US$21.7 trillion. But what does that really mean? We asked Dan Sichel, an economist at Wellesley College, to explain what goes into that massive number – and what does not.

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Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy stated he’s ‘not going to lose sleep’ after 9-Three loss...

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) — Tyler Toffoli scored his first two goals with his new team and added an assist as the Vancouver Canucks routed the Boston Bruins 9-3 on Saturday night.

9-Year-Old Asks Pete Buttigieg For Help Telling ‘The World I’m Gay, Too’

Pete Buttigieg offered advice during a campaign rally to a 9-year-old boy who asked him for help coming out as gay.

6 questions to contemplate forward of the Nevada caucus

LAS VEGAS (AP) — The Nevada caucus, the third contest in the Democratic presidential race, is Saturday. Here are six questions going into that fateful vote.