Tom Brady and several Patriots back Ayanna Pressley’s police reform bill

In the wake of the recent protests against police brutality, a massive group of sports figures — from Tom Brady to Steve Kerr to...

Armed Forces Day 2020: Deals for Military Members and Veterans

Armed Forces Day 2020 is today, May 16, and retailers across the U.S. are offering military members and veterans deals and discounts to thank them for their service.

‘You Are Your Safest Sex Partner’: New York City Releases Guide to Safe Sex...

The New York City Department of Health published guidance for residents on safe-sex practices during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Nursing home residents are among those most at-risk for COVID-19. Here’s how Mass. is...

Although there is still more to learn about coronavirus, health officials know this so far: some people are at higher-risk of contracting the contagious respiratory illness than others.

Here’s what investigators said about the South Carolina murder of Mass. native Celia Sweeney

The body of Celia Sweeney, a Massachusetts native who went missing in South Carolina late last week, was found inside a black container left in the woods some 200 miles from her Charleston apartment, according to court filings.

Massachusetts lawmakers, officials are calling for a pause on evictions amid COVID-19

Lawmakers and officials in Massachusetts are calling for measures to prevent housing evictions as COVID-19 spreads in the region.

Driver cited for speeding just 7 minutes before deadly Auburn crash

A Douglas man died on Sunday following a head-on crash with the driver of a pickup truck who had been cited about seven minutes before the accident, and less than two miles away from the scene, for speeding and not carrying a license.

With campaign ending, Elizabeth Warren’s surrogate (and dog), Bailey, apparently took a burrito to...

Elizabeth Warren’s “key,” “top,” and “best” campaign surrogate had apparently been a “good boy” long enough.

Barack Obama, Cory Booker and Others Commemorate the 55th Anniversary of ‘Bloody Sunday’ March

Former President Barack Obama, Congressman John Lewis, Senator Cory Booker and other prominent politicians commemorated the 55th anniversary of the historic "Bloody Sunday" march.

Massachusetts has 8 coronavirus cases. Here’s what we know about them.

The number of coronavirus cases in Massachusetts is continuing to grow.State officials Friday announced five new cases of COVID-19, all involving attendees of a meeting the Cambridge-based biotech company Biogen held at the Long Wharf Marriott hotel in Boston last week.

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