China is Stepping Up Its Preparedness for Armed Combat, Will Spend $178 Billion on...

China's President Xi Jinping has stressed his desire to bolster the nation's military, days after it was revealed the country is to spend $178 billion on its forces this year.

World Health Organization Says Coronavirus Cases ‘Still On The Way Up’

As countries across Europe and North America begin to reopen, nations in other parts of the world continue to report cases of the novel coronavirus in increasing quantities, representatives from the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Monday.

Brazil to Continue Using Hydroxychloroquine to Treat Coronavirus Patients, Despite WHO’s Safety Fears

Brazil's health guidelines will continue advising hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for coronavirus patients despite the World Health Organization (WHO) pausing a trial of the drug due to safety concerns.

Boris Johnson Approval Drops by 20 points in Four Days after Dominic Cummings controversy

Prime Minister Boris Johnson's approval rating has dropped by 20 points in four days, following the government's handling of its chief adviser Dominic Cummings' journey 260 miles across England while lockdown restrictions were in place.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson Under Growing Pressure to Sack Chief Adviser

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is under increasing pressure to dismiss his chief adviser for breaking lockdown rules during the height of the pandemic.

Denmark to Allow Lovers to Visit Each Other From Other Countries, But Police Require...

Spouses, live-in partners, fianceés and "sweethearts" of Danish citizens are now permitted to enter the country from Germany as well as other Scandinavian countries.

China, U.S. on ‘Brink of New Cold War’ Over Coronavirus, Hong Kong, Foreign Minister...

China and the United States are veering toward a "new Cold War," Beijing's foreign minister warned just one day after Hong Kong protests reignited.

Japan Ends Coronavirus Emergency With 850 Deaths and No Lockdown

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has announced the end of his state of emergency declaration for the novel coronavirus pandemic, with just 851 deaths reported and without ever implementing a lockdown.

60,000 ‘Civic Assistants’ in Italy Will be Paid to Enforce Social Distancing After Weekend...

Chairs were thrown. Fights erupted. Pedestrians crowded promenades and vehicles chocked streets from Turin to Naples.

Brazil Coronavirus Cases Quadruple in May as Jair Bolsonaro Plays Down U.S. Travel Restrictions

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro appeared to play down concerns around the U.S.'s new travel restrictions on Brazil on Sunday, as the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the South American country soared past 360,000.

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2 California Churches Identified as Potential Coronavirus Hot Spots After Holding Mother’s Day Services

As states around the country begin allowing places of worship to resume meeting in person, patrons at two churches in California are being closely monitored by health officials after the churches' Mother's Day services were identified as potential springboards for COVID-19 outbreaks.

Amy Cooper, White Woman Who Called Cops on Black Man in Central Park, Fired...

Franklin Templeton, an investment management company, has fired Amy Cooper, a woman who was filmed calling the police on Christian Cooper, an African American man, after he asked her to put her dog on a leash in New York's Central Park.

Trump lays Memorial Day wreath at Arlington

ARLINGTON, Va. — President Donald Trump has laid a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery as he commemorates Memorial Day in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.