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Why India Will Have to Wait For Google’s Pixel 4 Phone

Google's new Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL phones are not coming to India just yet, the company announced at its launch event in New York City on Tuesday. This is the first time the tech giant has bypassed the country with a new release.

Catalans Protest After Nine Jailed For Role In 2017 Independence Referendum

Protests are continuing for the second day in Barcelona after 12 Catalan separatists were convicted and nine were sentenced to jail time for their role in the 2017 secessionist referendum.

Lara Trump Says the Average American Had to Google ‘Who Are the Kurds’ Before Getting Outraged

Senior 2020 campaign adviser Lara Trump said average Americans had to "Google" who the Kurds of northern Syria even are before they could be outraged about President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw troops from the region.

Russia ‘Will Not Allow’ Turkey to Attack Syria as It Sends Troops to Front Lines

Russia has warned it would prevent Turkey from attacking Syrian troops after the U.S. withdrew from a looming clash between rival factions in the war-torn country.

Congressman Suggests Turkey Could Be ‘Kicked Out’ of NATO: ‘I Don’t Think They’re An Ally Today’

Congressman Eric Swalwell suggested Tuesday that Turkey could be "kicked out" of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) because of its invasion of Syria, saying he didn't view the nation to be acting like an ally.

Video: Riot Police Charge at Protesters as Violent Clashes Break Out Over Sentencing of Catalan Separatist Leaders

Protests erupted across Catalonia on Monday after the Supreme Court of Spain sentenced nine Catalan leaders to between nine and 13 years in prison for sedition, misuse of public funds and disobedience. The leaders were sentenced for organizing a referendum that resulted in a unilateral declaration of independence for the region in 2017—one Madrid declared illegal.

Man Attacked by His Boss’s Pet Lion After Asking for Back Pay

A Pakistani electrician is filing charges against a client who refused to pay their bill and instead unleashed a pet lion on him.

Father, 19, Admits to Shaking His Baby Daughter to Death After ‘Sudden Loss of Control,’ Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison

A teenage father who admitted to shaking his newborn daughter to death has been jailed for eight years.