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How To Watch: Climate Strike Live Stream, Time and Location Details as Millions Walk Out on Jobs to Support Climate Change Policy

Today (September 20) millions of people are walking out of work and school to join demonstrations calling for immediate action to address climate change. The demonstrations taking place in over 100 countries will likely constitute the largest climate strike in history. Their message is simple: reduce the use of fossil fuels now.

Medical Student Fined for Throwing Coins From Plane to Cure Diarrhea Her Cousin’s Baby Suffered During Flight

A woman in China has been fined for throwing coins on the parking apron at an airport in a bid to cure her cousin's baby's diarrhea, according to reports.

Climate Strike Photos, Videos From Around the World Flood Social Media

Students and adults all around the world came out in droves for the Global Climate Strike launched by Swedish teenager and climate activist Greta Thunberg. More than 4,000 events in 150 countries were scheduled, according to Thunberg.

Road Rage Driver Shot in the Neck With Flare Gun After Threatening Other Motorist

An angry driver in Moscow was shot in the neck with what's believed to be a flare gun during a confrontation with another motorist.

Who Is Andrew Scheer? Conservative Could Become Canada’s New Prime Minister As Justin Trudeau Faces Calls To Step Down Amid Blackface Scandal

When Canadians elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau nearly four years ago, he vowed to bring about the kind of progressive change that had long felt unattainable under his Conservative predecessor, Stephen Harper.

Watch: Angry Canadian Asks Justin Trudeau If He Can ‘Round to the Nearest Five’ How Many Times He Wore Blackface

As photographs and videos continue to emerge showing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dressed in blackface during the 1990s and early 2000s, Canadians want to know just how many times he's appeared in the dark makeup. One constituent even asked him to "round to the nearest five."

Rapper Holds Up Decapitated Boris Johnson Head at Awards Ceremony in Political Stunt Against U.K. PM

Already facing a court case challenging his suspension of parliament and dealing with frequent public confrontations with disgruntled citizens, discontent with Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson has now taken on a new dimension.

Outrage After Blue Shark ‘Paraded’ Through Street, Then Cooked And Eaten, At UK Seafood Festival

Animal rights supporters protested over the weekend after an endangered blue shark was paraded through the streets of a British town as part of it's annual seafood festival.