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Republicans Tend to Think Blacks and Whites Face Similar Levels of Racism, Study Suggests

Research has debunked the notion that a drop in racial discrimination against black people has coincided with a rise in discrimination against white people, as some populists and members of the far-right claim.

Today is another chance to save on the new iPad, PS4 Pro, Fitbit Versa 2, and more

We’re reluctant to legitimize “Green Monday” as a shopping holiday, but it’s nevertheless making a strong case for itself today with some stellar deals. Some are repeat hits from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, while others are totally new. What they have in common is that they’re for today only. Below, you’ll find sales on noise-canceling headphones, tablets, gaming consoles, and more. And you’ll find new deals added to this post all day long.

Amazon says Donald Trump sidestepped contract rules to block $10 billion Pentagon bid

In court documents released today, Amazon has formally outlined why it’s challenging the government’s decision to award a $10 billion Pentagon contract to rival Microsoft. The filings make clear that Amazon’s case will focus largely on one person: President Donald Trump.

What makes wine dry? It’s easy to taste, but much harder to measure

When you take a sip of wine at a family meal or celebration, what do you notice?First, you probably note the visual characteristics: the color is generally red, rosé or white. Next, you smell the aromatic compounds wafting up from your glass.

Amazon’s Echo Flex is a smart speaker for very specific needs

For the past couple of years, I’ve had a smart speaker installed in my bathroom, which I use to play music and podcasts in the shower and get the day’s weather report while I brush my teeth. Since my bathroom is tiny, there isn’t a great spot to put the speaker, so I’ve used one of the many plastic mounts available to install it directly on the wall outlet.

Epic is accused of stealing a Fortnite dance from ‘Dancing Pumpkin Man’

Fortnite creator Epic Games is trying to avoid yet another lawsuit over dance emotes. The company preemptively filed a complaint against Matt Geiler, also known as the “Dancing Pumpkin Man” from a 2006 viral video. Geiler reportedly told Epic to stop offering a Halloween-themed emote called “Pump It Up,” which copies his dance and briefly gives avatars a jack-o’-lantern for a head. Now, Epic is asking courts to declare that it didn’t infringe Geiler’s trademark or copyright.

The US, like China, has about one surveillance camera for every four people, says report

One billion surveillance cameras will be deployed globally by 2021, according to data compiled by IHS Markit and first reported by The Wall Street Journal. China’s installed base is expected to rise to over 560 million cameras by 2021, representing the largest share of surveillance devices installed globally, with the US rising to around 85 million cameras. When taking populations into account, however, China will continue to have nearly the same ratio of cameras to citizens as the US.

Google adds robocall screening and more to the Pixel 4 in first ‘feature drop’

Google plans to start regularly releasing “feature drops” for its Pixel phones, bringing a number of new features to its phones all at once. The first starts rolling out today with a number of updates, including robocall screening and new portrait mode features. There’s also a memory management update that might be a big deal for Pixel 3 owners who have long complained about how the phone handles multitasking.