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Chromebook 101: How to change your Chrome OS channels and get unreleased features

You might not know it from glancing at a Chromebook, but Google’s Chrome OS is in a constant state of evolution.

Google to revamp Nest Aware with simpler pricing and new features

Google announced today that it will be rolling out a new version of its Nest Aware subscription service starting in 2020, with simplified pricing and new features.

Pixel 4 vs. iPhone 11 Pro: a first look at camera photo samples

Google has just unveiled its latest Pixel 4 smartphone, following weeks of leaks. There’s a new face unlock feature, a high refresh rate screen, a faster Google Assistant, and spatial awareness using radar. All of those improvements look great, and you should check out our full hands-on for all of the details. But Pixel is synonymous with photography, so I wanted to see how the Pixel 4 fared against Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro.

Google is discontinuing the Daydream View VR headset, and the Pixel 4 won’t support Daydream

Google has essentially abandoned its Daydream virtual reality platform. The company confirmed to The Verge that the new Pixel 4 phone won’t support Daydream, and Google told Variety and The Verge that it will also no longer sell the Daydream View mobile headset. It will continue to support the app — which only works on older phones — for existing users.

Nobel Prize Winner Says ‘It’s Completely Crazy’ To Think Humans Will Relocate to the Planets He Discovered

On October 8, Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz were awarded the Nobel Prize in physics for their 1995 discovery of an exoplanet. In the 24 years since the find, much research has been done on exoplanets with a press release from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences claiming over 4,000 have been discovered since 1995. But Mayor doubts the likelihood that humans will ever live on an exoplanet. When asked by Agence France-Presse, Mayor called the idea "completely crazy."

The Pixel 4 doesn’t include any headphones, or even a 3.5mm adapter in the box

Google’s latest phone, the Google Pixel 4, doesn’t include a pair of earphones in the box, nor does it come with one of the company’s USB-C to 3.5mm adapters. With its own true wireless Pixel Buds not due for release until next year, Google just offered every other headphone manufacturer a nice opportunity to capitalize on any new Pixel 4 owners who might not already own wireless headphones.

How to buy the Google Pixel 4 and the 4 XL

A slew of new Google products is coming, with the new Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL phones heading the list. If you’ve already got a Pixel phone and are in the mood to upgrade or if you’ve finally decided that this is the year you’re going to take the plunge, we’ve got all the info you need.

YouTube gets alleged copyright troll to agree to stop trolling YouTubers

Alleged copyright troll Christopher Brady will no longer be able to issue false DMCA takedowns to other YouTubers, according to a lawsuit settlement filed today.