The ‘first scientist’s’ 800-year -old tonic for what ails us: The truth

It seems that science has been taking a beating lately. From decades of denial by the tobacco industry that smoking causes cancer to more recent attempts to use the COVID-19 pandemic to score political points, a presumption seems to have taken root that it is okay to seek and speak the truth only when it suits personal interest.

My favorite adjustable tables for working from home

Over the course of my career as a writer, I have probably spent the cost of my son’s future college tuition to have physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and crystal healers (sorry, I live in LA) all tell me a version of the same thing: “You sit wrong while you work.” My job is a literal pain in the neck — and frankly, my top left shoulder, too. When I am on a job that expects me to work outside of my bedroom (which is where I work from home), I can find a little relief from the fancy standing desks that lots of writers’ rooms are furnished with. But I work from home a lot, and a standing desk would never work for me at home, because they tend to be quite large. They can also be very expensive and, to be honest: I hate standing. (I hail from the Midwest, where, at least in my experience, the feeling is pretty much mutual).

GM is partnering with Ventec Life Systems to help increase production of ventilators

General Motors is partnering with Ventec Life Systems to help increase production of ventilators that are needed in hospitals dealing with patients who have the novel coronavirus, the companies announced Friday. In the most severe cases of COVID-19 infection, patients need the assistance of ventilators to breathe, and there are widespread concerns that the US does not have enough ventilators to meet the coming demand.

Google cloned Apple’s 3D Touch for the Pixel using just software

Yesterday, Google announced the latest “feature drop” for its Pixel line of Android phones. It’s part of an effort to get people to realize that the Pixel gets software updates ahead of other Android phones and that some of the features it receives stay exclusive to the Pixel. And yesterday’s “drop” epitomizes so many things that are good (and bad) about Google’s hardware efforts, so I wanted to dwell on it for a moment today.

A Dell partner facility was damaged by the Nashville tornado

Monday night, a powerful tornado tore through Nashville, Tennessee and its surrounding counties, killing at least 23 people and leaving power and transportation systems in disarray.

AT&T turned HBO Max into a superhero with a comic book

I don’t consider streaming providers as heroes, largely as a result of streaming providers are usually not actual individuals, and most of...

How to watch movies with friends online

Even a favorite stay-at-home activity like watching TV can get lonely sometimes, especially if you’re used to hanging out with your friends and watching together. And although you can stream and text, FaceTime, or share your screen on Zoom, sometimes that just doesn’t cut it. If you’re looking for a way to make your social-distancing series binge more, well, social, there are browser extensions that let you host watch parties digitally.

The most disturbing video game cosmetic is this Call of Duty Tamagotchi that feeds...

Players of Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare are getting perhaps the most tonally jarring cosmetic option in the history of shooting games with the introduction of the “Tomogunchi,” a parody of the iconic Japanese digital pet watches launched back in 1996.

What Facebook could learn from Microsoft

It was a big weekend on the tech and governance beat, led by news of the spread of the COVID-19 disease in the United States and its spiraling consequences for companies in Silicon Valley and beyond. Today we’re introducing a new, hopefully short-lived section of The Interface that covers the spread of the novel coronavirus around the world and the way that the companies we cover here are responding; you can find it just below The Ratio.

Google pulls latest Android update for AT&T Pixel 4 devices

On Monday, Google began to roll out a substantial Android update to its Pixel phones — and then it stopped. As 9to5Google reports, Google has pulled the March update for Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL phones that use AT&T from its website. The AT&T build is no longer listed in Google’s Android API repository.

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