Twitch Usage Surges During Coronavirus Lockdowns, Surpasses Three Billion Hours Watched

The novel coronavirus outbreak has sent entire counties into mass lockdown—and viewership on live-streaming platform Twitch is reportedly at an all-time high.

Epic Games reveals new mobile game Spyjinx in collaboration with J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot...

Fortnite creator Epic has revealed a new mobile game developed in collaboration with J.J. Abrams’ game development company Bad Robot Games, a spinoff of his production studio Bad Robot that was formed back in 2018 with funding from Epic investor Tencent. Abrams previously collaborated with Epic to debut a trailer of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker within Fortnite.

Automated tool can find 100 Zoom meeting IDs per hour

An automated tool developed by security researchers is able to find around 100 Zoom meeting IDs in an hour and information for nearly 2,400 Zoom meetings in a single day of scans, according to a new report from security expert Brian Krebs.

After coming under fire for its discount program, Grubhub says it will pay restaurants...

After it initially made restaurants participating in a discount program foot the bill, Grubhub on Thursday said it would be changing the program to cover the discount — for up to 25 orders per restaurant.

SoundCloud now lets artists add a direct donation button to their page

SoundCloud has introduced a new donation button artists can add to their profile to help offset the financial repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic. The initiative provides an additional way for fans to directly support acts on SoundCloud as live concerts and festivals are indefinitely postponed in many portions of the world.

Amazon executives privately insulted a warehouse worker, then attacked him on Twitter

After firing Chris Smalls, who helped organize a warehouse worker strike at Amazon’s Staten Island, New York facility over novel coronavirus safety, Amazon executives publicly attacked him on Twitter. Now we might know why. Leaked meeting notes obtained by Vice News lay out a plan for executives to smear Smalls and make him the focus of the company’s effort to discredit a growing labor movement inside the company.

Amazon will feature SXSW films in a virtual film festival on Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is partnering with South by Southwest to launch what it’s calling a film festival collection, which will include works from filmmakers who had been scheduled to screen at the 2020 event in Austin. Originally scheduled for mid-March, the 34-year-old tech, music, and film fest was canceled by Austin Mayor Steve Adler on March 6th due to public health concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Apple accidentally confirms Tile-like AirTags name in deleted support video

We’ve known that Apple has been working on a Tile-like tracking tag system for months, but the biggest confirmation of the upcoming product yet has come in a since-deleted support video posted by Apple today. The video straight-up confirms both the existence of the tracking tags and the “AirTag” name, as spotted by Appleosophy.

Tesla kept global sales and production up despite coronavirus-related shutdowns

Tesla was able to avoid a huge sink in first quarter sales despite coronavirus-related shutdowns in China and the US, according to new figures that were just released by the company. Other automakers reported big dips in sales earlier this week as the quarter came to a close, though losses are expected to be even more brutal in the second quarter as more of the world stays at home in an effort to suppress the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Grimes posted the music stems and video files for her single so anyone can...

Grimes recently released a new music video for “You’ll Miss Me When I’m Not Around,” and it came with a surprise: a content dump containing assets from her new album Miss Anthropocene and an invitation for anyone to remix the song or video.

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Apple’s new iPad Pro cuts off the microphone when its case is closed to...

Recent MacBooks have included a security feature that shuts off the microphone at a hardware level when the lid is closed. Apple has now introduced the same feature on iPads, beginning with the 2020 iPad Pro. The iPad doesn’t have a lid, of course, so Apple instead activates the mic cut-off whenever a case with the company’s “Made for iPad” certification is closed over the screen. This should work with Apple’s own Smart Folio, Smart Keyboard Folio, and the upcoming Magic Keyboard (due out in May), among other third-party cases.

What is Twitch, even?

Twitch is difficult to describe, to understand, and to start using. It is also incredibly rewarding once you get the hang of it, which is the way these things tend to go: the harder it is to get into something, the more you’ll like your mastery of it. I’ve been writing about Twitch and its various ecosystems for a little while now, and lately more and more people have been reaching out to me to ask variations on the same two questions: What is Twitch, and why should I care about it? How do I start streaming?

Lyft is offering free e-scooter trips to health care workers fighting COVID-19

Lyft will provide free electric scooter rides to essential workers in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While most scooter-sharing programs in the US have temporarily ceased operations in response to the pandemic, Lyft is still operating scooters in a handful of cities, and the company wants to support the transportation needs of health care workers and others on the frontlines of the crisis.