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Red Sox release 22 minor league players

The Red Sox announced Friday that they have released 22 minor leaguers. The cuts don’t come as a surprise, as such moves have been widespread across baseball as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As of Thursday, at least 11 teams reportedly had released minor league players. ESPN has reported that up to 1,000 minor leaguers might lose their jobs.

Red Sox won’t lay off full-time employees, but some to have pay cut

The Red Sox informed more than 400 employees on Friday night that they will not lay off or furlough any full-time staff members through the end of the season, but they will make pay cuts for those earning over $50,000, according to multiple team sources.

David Price to reportedly pay Dodgers minor leaguers $1,000 each in June

David Price has yet to play a game for the Dodgers since joining the team three months ago, but that hasn’t stopped the 12-year veteran from bringing his best stuff to his new home in L.A.