April 20, 2019

Ethiopian-Israeli Musician Imanuel Releases New Album of Unity

It’s a cold, gray January Sunday in Paris, but the small music studio in the working-class immigrant neighborhood of Ivry is heating up with cups of Berber coffee and rounds of  “Sport International,” as the recording artist Imanuel (Emanuel Yerday) lays down a violin track on the song. Muctaru Wurie works magic at the keyboard and mixer, the violin is sidewinding and taut, and the music is jumping.
April 19, 2019

11 Must-Visit Global Destination for Foodies

If you travel for the food, you’re not alone. Welcome to this happy band of travelers who plan dinner when we’re sitting at lunch, who think nothing of driving four hours for that dinner, and, in fact, would plan a whole trip around that meal.
April 19, 2019

Africa Rising: The Art Scene on the African Continent is Thriving

A new generation of women and men are spurring change by starting businesses, organizing innovative projects, and inspiring important conversations. A continent rich in resources, and people are the richest resource of all; it is a youthful and growing population with a contemporary mindset and definitive African roots. Extending far beyond the confines of canvas and the studio, the fibers of contemporary African art interweave with the patterns, textiles, and sands of the past. Together, they voice a complex multi-thread story that is mirrored in the landscapes of the voluptuous continent that they narrate. Viewed as a panoramic whole—from the creative hotspots of South Africa, the thriving music scene in Mali, the vibrant fashion community in Dakar to the myriad of art galleries in Lagos—there is a cohesive and powerful sense of change in the air.
April 19, 2019

How Books And Food Fueled a Love of Travel and Eight Novels

The world offers us two sorts of successful journeys: those that proceed as planned and those that don’t. In life, we pray for the former. In literature, we plump for the latter. Who wants to read about the traveler whose sailings are smooth, whose flights go off on time, whose roads are pothole-free?
April 19, 2019

Why political meddling with central banks is a horrible concept – and the Federal Reserve isn’t any exception

Central bank independence is increasingly at risk around the world. In the U.S., President Donald Trump said he may nominate two close political allies to the Federal Reserve, following months of criticism over the bank’s interest rate policy. In Italy, the government proposed seizing control of Banca Italia’s approximately US$100 billion in gold reserves – which it reportedly would use to fund spending plans – and has threatened the central bank’s independence in other ways.
April 19, 2019

Big Marijuana Copies Big Tobacco's Playbook. Let's Not Make the Same Mistake Again | Opinion

In 1999, when the seven giants of Big Tobacco testified before Congress that nicotine was not addictive, America was only beginning to wake up from a century of lies from that addiction-for-profit industry. Although we knew that tobacco had caused lung cancer for decades, it took us years to feel the true effects of that industry and bring it to account.
April 19, 2019

Kremlin Official Falsely Claims Mueller “Admitted” Probe Found No Russian Interference

The Russian government has dismissed the full report by special counsel Robert Mueller, even suggesting that it clears the government of any culpability of meddling in the 2016 election, despite it stating the opposite.
April 19, 2019

War video games make clear real-world methods

Want to try your hand at negotiating during a crisis? Think you have a plan that could get the U.S. out of Afghanistan? Confident you could keep a nation secure when multi-party international diplomacy is more important than warfare? Strategy-based board games let you test your political and military acumen right at your kitchen table – while also helping you appreciate how decision-makers are limited by the choices of others.
April 19, 2019

Lyra McKee: Journalist Gunned Down in Northern Ireland Remembered As "Rising Star" by Colleagues

Dissident Republicans are believed to be behind the shooting dead of a journalist in Northern Ireland, as police have appealed for calm.
April 19, 2019

Russia Warns U.S. 'Getting Ready' for War on Venezuela, China Says Leave Cuba Alone Too

Russia and China have condemned recent U.S. moves in Latin America, where they accuse President Donald Trump's administration of warmongering and interfering in the affairs of sovereign countries.