February 21, 2019

Warren returns to Nevada, coronary heart of 2008 financial disaster

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Democrat Elizabeth Warren, who made her name as a consumer advocate following the 2008 financial crisis, will make her first appearance Sunday as a presidential candidate in Las Vegas, the boom-and-bust town that made Nevada the epicenter of the country’s foreclosure crisis.
February 21, 2019

Feds: Coast Guard lieutenant compiled hit record of lawmakers

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Coast Guard lieutenant who was arrested last week is a “domestic terrorist” who drafted an email discussing biological attacks and had what appeared to be a hit list that included prominent Democrats and media figures, prosecutors said in court papers.
February 21, 2019

‘Abducted In Plain Sight’ Sequel Movies? Netflix Documentary Could Become A Wild, Twisted Trilogy about Religion

The story of Jan Broberg’s two kidnappings caught the attention of true crime fans in Abducted At Plain Sight, but the full story has yet to be told, according to director Skye Brogman. Brogman admitted she’s up for making a sequel to the wild, dark abduction story and has a lot of content to fill the time if she can find the funding. She even said it could become a trilogy.
February 21, 2019

Samsung’s imaginative and prescient of tomorrow’s telephones doesn’t embrace the headphone jack

The Galaxy Fold was the most exciting announcement at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event by a long shot. While the new S10 and its variants look like top-tier phones, it was the Fold that captured everyone’s imagination. As Samsung CEO DJ Koh proudly declared at the event, the Fold “sets this industry on a new path.” And apparently, it’s a path that — unlike the rest of the phones Samsung announced today — doesn’t include a 3.5mm headphone jack.
February 20, 2019

Donald Trump's Favorite Fox News Hosts Allege 'Coup' Led By FBI, Democratic Party Conspirators

Mark Levin, Alan Dershowitz and Sean Hannity joined a swelling group of pro-Trump conservatives warning the FBI and other "Deep State" factions are staging a silent coup d'état against the president. 
February 20, 2019

‘Enough Facts to Indicate’ Donald Trump May Have Committed a Crime When Obstruction Case Was Opened: Andrew McCabe

Former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe has not gone as far as to say President Donald Trump definitely obstructed justice. But in an interview on MSNBC's Morning Joe on Wednesday, he said there were certainly a number of "facts" that made obstruction of justice a possibility. 
February 20, 2019

Will 'Leaving Neverland' Have A Sequel? If More Michael Jackson Accusers Come Forward, There Could Be

Michael Jackson accuser documentary Leaving Neverland has yet to have a public premiere, but there are already talks of a sequel. The four-hour documentary will premiere March 2 and 3 on HBO but may have a future in other stories, that is, if other accusers come forward.
February 19, 2019

The UK’s blistering Facebook report has a great advice — for the UK

The United Kingdom Parliament is still mad at Facebook. How much does it matter?We’ve known since last summer that the report of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport select committee would excoriate Facebook over failures related to competition, data privacy, and foreign interference in elections, among other issues. Today, the final report arrived — and while the rhetoric is more pitched than ever, it remains unclear what any of it will come to.
February 18, 2019

‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Snowden Spoilers: Watch What Happens When Dimitri Surprises Ashley with Vanessa [VIDEO]

Seeking Sister Wife stars Dimitri and Ashley Snowden are thrilled with Vanessa, the new addition to their family, but not everyone approves of their lifestyle. While Dimitri and Ashley are happy to live a polygamous lifestyle, her mother, Donna, does not approve. In an exclusive clip obtained by Newsweek, Donna’s reaction can be seen when Vanessa crashes a dinner. Dimitri surprised Ashley with a gift to Los Angeles to get dinner with her mother. While Ashley is happy to see Vanessa when she crashes the outing, Donna has a different reaction.
February 18, 2019

Can the Pentagon Shut Down Donald Trump's 'National Emergency' Plan to Use Military Money for Border Wall?

Declaring a "national emergency" over immigration on Friday, President Donald Trump vowed to use $6 billion in Pentagon money, which had been designated for military construction and counter-drug activities, to build a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico.